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Leak Detecting Spray

Leak Detecting Spray

Art. No : W150150

It is for the detection of leaks in natural gas connections, air lines, flanged joints, conduits and welds etc. It reveals even the smallest cracks in installations that allow air pressure, gas, and liquids to pass through can be easily identified, preventing major problems later. Also saves energy and costs. Typical application areas: pipes, hoses, valves, threaded or welded connections, pressure containers, compressors, etc. It is non-flammable and anti-corrosive. Does not form harmful compounds with gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), propane, butane, acetylene, compressed air, town and natural gas, nitrogen and fluorinated hydrocarbons. Do not use with oxygen. Approved by the German Plumbing Association and DVGW(DIN 30657).

Usage: Shake the can well before use. The parts to be applied must be under pressure. Apply it to the suspicious spot. Bubbling indicates a leakage. Do not allow it to enter the oxygen transport lines and protect from frost. Store at room temperature.

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