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WA Instant Adhesive

WA Instant Adhesive

Art. No : W200004


Instant adhesives is the high strength type adhesive that cure with relative humidity on the surfaces. This product is odorless and does not cause fogging. Reaches 60% of their final strength after 1 min of application. However due to seasonal variations or climatic conditions, the cured time would change depending on moisture levels on surfaces. The curing speed will be affected when the humidity is below 50%, the curing times will be shortened if it exceeds 50%. The gap filling capacity of this product is less than other adhesive groups. However, it provides high strength in very short time in zero gap bonding applications.

Suitable material : Polystyrene, acrylic glass and translucent materials.

Usage: Parts must be clean, free from oil and grease. The product should be applied as a thin layer on one side and apply pressure by combining the parts. The adhesion strength is reached after about 20-50 seconds and the final strength after 24 hours. The humidity in the room and under contact pressure will affect the process in rapid adhesive application. The optimum relative humidity is about 65%. 

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