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Mix Wasser

Mix Wasser

Art. No : W200069

Epoxy adhesive is a two-component adhesive composed of resin and hardener. It is developed for maintenance and repair applications. It is cured by exothermic (heat generating) reaction which is released when the components are homogeneous mixed in the correct ratio. Twin-cartridge packages have plunger which adjusts the mixing ratio automatically they both can be used either manual or with gun. In order for the mixture to be accurate and ideal, it should be used with the mixing tip supplied with the adhesive and no other tip of different size should be used. After hardening, it can be drilled, leveled, grinded, painted over.

Characteristic : Ceramic-Filled Epoxy

Color : White

Suitable material : Metals, plastics

Operating Time : 3-4 minutes

Fixture Time : 8-12 minutes

Cure Time : 24 hours

Usage: Surfaces should be dry, clean and rough without rust or oxidation. Apply decent amount of the product on the area or hole and spread it with a spatula. Press firmly to avoid trapping air and ensure maximum surface contact. (if there is no twin-cartridge, you need to mix two components before applying to the area by using heat-insoluble paper or cup) For best results, the product should be stored and applied in room tamperature of between 13 to 52 °C.  Store the product in a dry and cool place after application.

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